Petco Partners with Fitness Star to Encourage People to Work out with Their Pets

Petco and Anna Victoria want to help you keep your New Year's resolutions!

And do so with pets by your side!

Petco has recently teamed up with fitness guru Anna Victoria to release a series of workout circuits that people can do with their dogs. These exercises include custom workouts that take in consideration what you like to do to keep healthy and what your dog's favorite games are.

anna victoria fitness

A popular exercise is the fetch and squat circuit where you throw the ball for your dog and squat until he returns! Another great workout? Pushups with your pup on your back... soon she will have all kinds of dog exercise videos on her site.

Each dog is different and Anna suggests taking your pooch for a physical exam before participating in some of these high-intensity activities, strength training, and cardio workouts. She includes what requirements your dog needs depending on their size and breed. Whether that's 1-2 30-minute walks, or just being in public places to help mental stimulation, she can help you and your dog on your fitness journey. You can lose weight while having fun!


Anna is a popular fitness and health expert with over a million followers on Instagram and a recent app called Body Love. She works out with her six-month Golden Retriever pup Rigatoni, who also has his own Instagram account. The Instagram star, based in California, helps her followers meal plan and promotes self-love with the help of weight loss.

She is excited to reach pet owners now with the help of Petco.

"I'm thrilled to partner with Petco to help pet parents and their dogs meet their 2018 fitness and wellness goals," Anna said. "Workouts should be a part of our day we look forward to, and there's no doubt pet parents will find reasons to get excited about exercises they can tackle with a work out partner that never cancels, never complains and always stays motivated."

Anna Victoria

Petco, in turn, knows that a healthy lifestyle for both pets and their owners is important and is excited to have Anna on their team.

"The continued health and wellness of pets and their parents is core to our organization's mission," said Petco Director of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Christie Long. "As we enter a new year with personal goals and resolutions in mind, our partnership with Anna Victoria supports the power of the human-animal bond and the role our pets play in contributing to the well-being of our families."

Considering more and more millennials are getting pets rather than getting married and having kids, it only makes sense to incorporate pets into daily routines, including working out! Plus, working out with your dog or cat is one of the newest fitness trends for 2018.

Personal trainer Trinity S. Perkins told Brit.Co:

"Being able to combine your two loves — exercise and your fur baby — is a great market, and it's good for both the people and the animals."

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Combining pets and wellness may be a good market, but if it's beneficial for keeping both you and your pet happy and healthy, brand away!

Do you work out with your dog? Tell us your routine in the comments below. 

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