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'Impersonate Me' Transformed My Dog Into a Work of Art

'Impersonate Me' knows the bond we have with our pets, and their pet portraits showcase our furry friends like never before.

I adopted Layla during the coronavirus pandemic. I'd been thinking about adding a companion for months, and when the world was forced indoors, the time was finally right. Sure, family dogs from my childhood were technically "mine," but there was an excitement to being a solo pet owner in my 20s that I couldn't shake. That sweet ball of joy brought me more happiness than I can articulate in a stuffy opening paragraph — She pooped on my carpet, ate my socks, and realized that, with one nudge of her nose, I was a sucker for going on another walk.

There's no stick she won't chew. No couch is safe when that 60-pound potato comes running. When it comes to naps, good luck waking her up. Don't get me started on treats...

If it wasn't obviously apparent: that dog is everything to me. When I learned of a company called Impersonate Me that turns pet photos into works of art, and I saw some of their products, there wasn't an Old West cowboy who could've drawn their wallet faster than I did.

What Is Impersonate Me?

Impersonate Me is a group of artists that create beautiful illustrations through state-of-the-art printing techniques, an idea founder Nathan Grieve stumbled on when thinking about his labrador, Rocky.

"Dawned with the realization that one day Rocky was going to pass on, Nathan knew just how precious that their time together is- how precious the time any pet owners have with their friends is. Although Rocky would one day be gone, Nathan understood that he would never drift from the lifetime of happy memories he shared with his best friend. He wanted to create something that would allow for them to be together forever.

"Using his art and creative design expertise, Nathan decided on creating a portrait to capture Rocky's presence, something he could smile upon when he longed to have his best friend by his side. Nathan approached this new project equipped with extensive knowledge of graphic design techniques, psychology of art, and a refined artistic taste that grew throughout his life-long passion for art. What Nathan had created was a portrait in a unique style that complimented any room in which it was hung."

— About Us,

How It Works

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After submitting your photo, Impersonate Me transfers the image onto a wide variety of best-selling products like blankets, phone cases, sequin pillows, socks, tote bags, coffee mugs, and framed portraits to hang on your wall. The best part is that a photo of your pet isn't all they work with — Send a photo of any loved one, your children and grandkids, or best friends for a work of art that never goes out of style!

Their personalized pet portraits are accented with your pet's name, which made for the perfect, decorative wall art in my living room. They offer an array of background colors to fit any aesthetic, including Pearl White, Coral Pink, Dandelion Yellow, and more.

Impersonate Me's Custom Pet Portraits

Pet portrait courtesy of Impersonate Me.

Photo: John Duffley

I mean, I know that Layla is my dog, but c'mon now: How photogenic is she?! Impersonate Me captured her shyness as a young puppy perfectly, as the pet portrait they delivered captured the close-up photo qualities I was hoping for and more.

These high-quality portraits are among the company's best sellers. If you have a furry friend who needs immortalized, visit and get your order in. Their one-of-a-kind style makes the perfect gift for pet parents in need of a custom dog portrait (that probably pairs nicely with that cat portrait you've been wanting). Pet lovers of all shapes and sizes are showing off these great gift ideas as rave reviews pour in from satisfied customers.

And yes: I will be sharing more glamour shots of Layla until my entire home is filled with her face. Next up, I think she needs a blanket...

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