Do Bats Make Good Pets? Let's Find Out

There is a lot to know about pet bats! First, it's illegal to own them. Second, they carry rabies and have sharp teeth. Third, they fly all night. Before you start searching Craig's List for pet bats, you need to know that they're protected in the US, Australia, and many other countries. Some species of bats are federally protected animals and laws make it illegal to capture wild bats for domestication.

They're so cute! Keep in mind though that bats can live up to 25 years! Between the zoonotic diseases and the sharp teeth, I think we're going to pass but I understand they are so intriguing! What if you come across an injured bat that needs to be rehabilitated and then you do have a "pet bat" until you can get help? Do you build a bat house? Read on to find out what you need to know about pet bats.

How should you set up a fruit bat cage?

A fruit bat cage needs to be 6 feet by 6 feet tall and should have mesh to allow free flow of air. You don't want an angry bat.

It also needs to be an enclosure with a strict temperature of around 70 degrees. Bats will seek the highest area of the cage where they can land and this could be a cabinet top.

What do bats eat?

Fruit! You should choose a set of tropical fruits found naturally in your region. For example, fruit bats enjoy bananas, mangos, dates, and avocados. tells us

"Just about every kind of fruit is good for these bats. However, they will avoid any fruit that is very bright in color and have a strong smell. They can also eat unripe, insect impacted fruit as well. This makes them survive in surroundings where fresh, ripe fruit may not be available. Fruit bats can also be seen eating small insects, just like regular bats."

Should you let them roam free?

Yes, and in fact, it's better for them! Exotic pets sometimes are better left to live in their natural environments. Wild bats just don't make good pets. We've written a lot about exotic animals in addition to bats and this is almost always the consensus. Other exotic animals that make this list include fennec foxes and large cats in some cases.

As you'll see in some of the Instagram posts, baby bats are super cute so we understand the need for a pet bat.

Do you want a pet bat? Have you always dreamed of making a bat house? Leave us a comment below!

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