Persistence Pays Off On This New Mexico Mule Deer Hunt

Persistence Pays Off On This New Mexico Mule Deer Hunt

Casey from the Hushin crew worked his tail off on this New Mexico mule deer hunt and things paid off for him in a big way.

The state does not have a reputation for being a premier hunting destination for mule deer, but make no mistake: there are still some really nice bucks in New Mexico. Casey Lavere from Hushin really had to put in some work to close the deal, but things turned out really well for him on his New Mexico mule deer hunting trip.

Check out the video to see what I mean.

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Nice work Casey! I don't know about you, but that's the sort of buck I wouldn't at all hesitate to shoot.

That just goes to show that you don't necessarily need to draw a premium mule deer tag to have a great hunt. Especially if you're not too concerned about shooting a buck with a particular score, as long as you're willing to put in the miles necessary to make it all come together, it's possible to take a big, mature buck in many different places.

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