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Pentagon Wastes $28M on Wrong Camo Pattern for Afghan Desert

Having the correct camo pattern is important when it comes to blending into the surroundings. That's especially true for soldiers.

However, it seems the Pentagon has made a double blunder when it comes to the uniforms it has provided to Afghan troops.

First off, the troops were provided with the wrong camo pattern: soldiers were issued woodland patterns. How much of Afghanistan is woodland? Just 2.1%. Instead of blending in, the soldiers stand out. As one official put it, they basically have a bull's eye on them.

The second blunder? The Pentagon spent $28 million on these uniforms, even though uniforms with the correct camo pattern were available—for free.

The revelation comes from a report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. Over the past 10 years, Afghan soldiers have been given the wrong uniform. However, it seems the Pentagon can't take all the blame: the Afghan Defense Minister apparently chose the woodland pattern because he liked it.

However, instead of providing the no-cost uniforms already in stock, the Pentagon listened to the defense minister and purchased the uniforms from a private company.