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Stock This Camo Toilet Paper at Deer Camp for a Good Laugh

Things get wild with this toilet paper! 

Do you feel like your home or hunting lodge is missing that little touch of the outdoors? Specifically, your bathroom? If you answered, than boy, do I have a solution for you.

Keep your guests entertained with this one-of-a-kind toilet paper while also keeping your home stocked up on constant adventure. This River Edge Hunting Camouflage Toilet Paper will bring the aesthetic of hunting season right into your home for the great price of $11.00.

Rivers Edge Products Hunting-Trophy-Mounts Camouflage

camouflage toilet paper

This toilet paper will make your bathroom cooler than all the rest, guaranteed. What other reason do you need to stock up your cabinets with this? Enjoy the luxury of two 100-foot rolls and give your bathroom that wild touch it has always needed.