Peach State Logistics: Georgia Considers Trucks-Only Highway

The State of Georgia has issued a proposal to build the first trucks-only road in the United States.

The proposal is to cover the 40-mile journey from Macon, Georgia to metro Atlanta, with an estimated cost of $1.8 billion, collected using increased fuel taxes. Many taxpayers are questioning the necessity of such a move, says the AP.

At present, Georgia's logistics network is one of the most taxed in the nation. Companies with major hubs in the state include UPS, Walgreens, Kellogg's, Walmart, and Target. The Port of Savannah is the fourth-largest seaport in the country, housing the largest container terminal on the continent.

With over 20,000 miles of highways and 1,200 miles of interstate, eighty percent of the US population is within a two-day trucking distance. Georgia state transportation agencies also expect truck traffic to double by 2040.

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With the advent of autonomous vehicles nearly upon us, the idea of a trucks-only highway looks to have a large impact on public safety as well.

According to 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures, 4,317 people died after a collision with a large truck.


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