Boat Launch
YouTube: Charlie Berens

Parody Video Highlights the 5 (Hilarious) Stages of Launching a Boat

The struggles of launching a boat are all too real.

Anyone who has ever owned a boat knows the struggle of getting it launched at your favorite lake or stream. Do not lie, we have all been there. Backing up a trailer of any kind takes a little bit of practice. There is something especially funny about backing up at the boat launch. Mostly because your skills (or lack thereof) are on full display for everyone else to see.

YouTuber Charlie Berens and his friends hilariously parody many facets of Midwestern life and today they are tackling a completely inept driver at the boat launch.

Odds are, if this has not been you at the launch, you have run into this person. It is the guy who cannot back up a trailer to save his life.

"You can't trust those things, just like GPS. I've got a cousin who got lost and we never found him."

This was a video everyone can relate with. Despite all the advances in technology with things like the back-up camera he was talking about above, it still takes a little practice to figure out how to pull a successful launch off. Who among us has not jackknifed a trailer at some point? But do not worry, he's "Done this a thousand times before!"

Almost everyone has been stuck waiting on this guy at some point too. Both while they were launching and again while they were trying to pull their boat out of the water. As frustrating as it can be to wait, there is also a lot of comedy potential depending on how mad the newbie boat owner is getting.

We got a great laugh over this video. Hey, they should at least look at the bright side. At least they did not end up one of those extreme boat ramp fails that ended with the boat AND the truck in the water!

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