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Parker Bows Announces It is Going Out of Business

parker bows
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This is a sad day for bowhunting in the United States. 

For more than 20 years, Parker Bows has been a mainstay in the bowhunting industry. Their cutting-edge bows, crossbows and arrows are truly unique. However, despite numerous accolades and awards, the company announced today via social media that it's going out of business, effective immediately.

"Parker Bows has made the difficult decision to cease operations. We have explored what we believe to be all possible options to continue operations in one form or another but to no avail. It has truly been an honor to have been a part of your hunting seasons for over two decades. And it is hard to put into words what your loyalty and support has meant to us."

It's hard to point an finger at what exactly would have caused the fastest-growing bow manufacturers in the U.S. to close its doors. In fact, INC. Magazine rated Parker Bows as the 300th and 231st fastest-growing companies in America, out of all facets of the industry over the last few years. Regardless, the announcement explained that current customers have until Dec. 31 to file warranty claims. After that, all warranty claims will be refused.

This is truly a sad day for bowhunters. Best of luck to all the employees. I hope you all land on your feet.



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Parker Bows Announces It is Going Out of Business