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New Luxury Glamping in Utah Is Straight Out of Star Wars

This glamping resort hosts 240-acres of detoxing clay baths, endless sands, and really cool architecture.

Glamping adventures can take place just about anywhere, even in the most unlikely locations. And the creators of OutpostX have set out to prove it: Travis Chambers, a long-time set designer, is creating a 240-acre oasis in the middle of the Utah desert for glampers to flock to.

What is OutpostX?

OutpostX is a 240-acre compound sitting on a dried lake bed near Zion National Park in Utah. It giving massive Star Wars Tatooine vibes in the summer, and freezing over in the winter.

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Its creator, Chambers, is a decade-long set creator in the sci-fi film industry and he has a very specific vision for this glamping site—which may or may not include looking like the first Mars settlement.

Chambers has brought along all of his movie set know-how to his hospitality company, Chambers Stays. His vision uniquely juxtaposes the barren landscape and a sustainable, fantasy-like destination. The area will become a playground for outdoors people, filled with in-ground trampolines, jacuzzis, rock saunas, mud baths, and rock spas.

The OutpostX Lodges

sky lodge


On the grounds are 10 lodges, each styled after one of four different architectural designs. Two of the designs, Cave Lux and Cave Villa, are housed in what looks like boulders. Both have skylights and unique slide-outside beds for warm-night stargazing. The Lux also features a pull-out couch, kitchenette, and panoramic windows.

The other two structures are the Zen Domes and the Sky Lodges. The Zen Domes are reminiscent of a geodesic dome but with two-way mirror walls, giving them a terrarium effect and allowing visitors to have an unobstructed view of the stars and surrounding landscape.

The Sky Lodges have a completely different feel. The stilted structures look as if they have been plucked out of the ocean waters of the Maldives and planted in the desert. Chambers based the design on his time in Bali, giving the Sky Lodges a tree-house look with 360-degree views of the entire area.

OutpostX Amenities

communal area with clay jacuzzi


The property wouldn't be complete without world-class amenities. The shared areas will have a 300-square-foot spa with a hot clay bath, rock sauna, waterfall-fed jacuzzis, and the recently popular cold plunges.

Rounding out the spectacular amenities will be a bonfire area, outdoor clay bath spa, pottery throwing wheels, in-ground trampolines, an Earth Lodge communal fire stove, and a fully stocked refrigerator. To add to the other-worldly aesthetic, guests will have five "sand cruiser" vehicles to share.

Completion Timeline and Rental Costs

Chambers aims to keep the project as sustainable as possible. He recently told GearJunkie, "The project is fully off-grid with solar, septic, and well. Our units are a low footprint and a much lower carbon footprint than traditional construction."

As the project grows, the team will eventually plant a forest to counteract carbon emissions. The project is being built in three parts. Chambers and his team will begin with two sky lodges, three caves, four domes, and a fantasy unit. The communal areas will come with the second phase, and terraforming the lake bed into a sustainable environment will be the final step.

The company has created an IndieGoGo campaign for VIP reservations, which launched on June 6 and is already over $860,000 with 1,234 supporters and 19 days left. Bookings through the campaign are 10-25% off for one or multiple nights. Prices are based on the accommodation selected. The Fantasy Cave Lux is $1,100 a night; the Cave Villa runs $690 a night; the Zen Dome is slightly less at $490; and the most economical option is the Sky Lodge at $350 a night. The lodges are slated to open in August.

The closest major airport is Las Vegas, but smaller airports in Cedar City and St. George are between 45 minutes and an hour away. If you want your furry friend to come with you while you visit what Chambers lovingly calls "the playa," they are more than welcome to join you during your stay.

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