Outdoors Allie Witnesses an Exciting Black Bear Encounter on Public Land

Outdoors Allie has a close encounter with a black bear in the wilderness while bowhunting.

Outdoors Allie, the engaging public land hunter who's made a name for herself on YouTube and social media, takes her audience along on an exciting hunt.

What makes it most exciting is the close encounter with a black bear that's enough to get anyone's heart pumping!

With archery tackle and a wildlife conservationist's mind, Allie D'Andrea gives us real perspective on her insightful reflection as she recounts the hunt.

Allie is excelling in showing what it's like to hunt a variety of wild game in all kinds of wild places. Whether she's whitetail hunting from a treestand, shooting at grouse with her bow, or cooking up some venison dish from her spoils, Allie's doing it the right way.

Her time spent backpacking into the Idaho wilderness, learning the nuances of a compound bow, and developing a camo and apparel company (WornAndWeathered.com) have added a lot of value to the outdoors overall.

Allie is the type of person who seems slightly bummed that her passion for hunting and spending time outside in the natural world started later in life. In a way, she sort of missed out on what a lot of sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy their entire lives.

She's a testament to the "it's never too late" mentality, and truly seems to embody the spirit of an ever-learning hunter, which is all you can really ask for.

Keep track of her adventures here on Wide Open Spaces, because we will be too.