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Our Top 5 Deer Feeder Picks Will Bring Them in Running

Still in need of a deer feeder? Here's a roundup of some of the best.

If baiting is legal in your neck of the woods, there's no doubting its advantages. But there are some problems that can occur.

Throwing bait on the ground in a pile is sometimes a short lived glory. With night marauding bandits (like raccoons), your bait could be history before the deer, bear, or other wild game get to it.

What you need is a dedicated game feeder that addresses the issue of varmints, while giving you a trusted way to get the right animals fed. That way, they'll become a bit more predictable when hunting season gets underway.

There are so many on the market, that it can get a little difficult to sift through everything. These five game feeders stand out above the rest.

1. Moultrie 55-gallon Pro Hunter Tripod Feeder

The Moultrie 55-gallon Pro Hunter Tripod Feeder offers many benefits. First off, the metal container keeps hungry raccoons and squirrels (not to mention rain or heat) from getting to your bait. You can load it up with 400 pounds of bait, which translates to far less filling during the season. Then you can program the feeder to trigger up to six times a day. 

2. Redneck Outdoors T-post Gravity Feeder

This 80-pound capacity game feeder is as simple as can be. It works on a gravity feed system that is literally fool proof. No batteries to go bad, and nothing to stop the flow of feed to your game.

3. Southern Outdoor Technologies MAX-75 Deer Feeder

Here is another great gravity fed feeder. It sports an adjustable flow-control baffle system for efficient feed control. Also, the polyethylene construction is perfect for long-term use. It holds 50-75 pounds of feed. 

4. Hog Hunter Tripod Feeder with Swine Shine Hog Light

When in hog country why not double your deer feeder with a hog slayer too? The Hog Hunter Tripod Feeder with Swine Shine Hog Light will light things up after dark. This 225-pound capacity feeder has 8-foot galvanized steel legs that are ready for any antler or tusk it may come across. Flexible feeding schedules can match up to when you need feed (or when you're able to hunt).

5. WiseEye Lil Nubbin 500 Lb. Smart Feeder

The WiseEye Lil Nubbin 500-pound Smart Feeder is the world's first smart feeder. It has a 500-pound feed capacity and Species Recognition Technology. With four integrated 3MP trail cameras, you'll be certain of what is visiting this Cadillac of game feeders. It also is available with or without the Electronic Deterrent System.

With these feeders at your disposal, you'll find you're attracting more animals, helping supplement their meals, and giving them a reason to stop by your property or stand. That's exactly what they should do.