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Osceola Turkey Hunt With Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker Josh Allen

Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker Josh Allen gets his first ever Osceola turkey with former teammate Kash Daniel.

OFF SZN with Kash Daniel saw Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker Josh Allen take his first ever Osceola turkey down in the Sunshine State, and true to his self, he was very humble about the entire experience.

His host and former teammate from the University of Kentucky, Kash Daniel, was himself a linebacker and two-time team captain for the Wildcats. Now Daniel spends his time as host of the OFF SZN hunting show, which takes athletes and coaches from every sport on hunting adventures, including this great episode with Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker/DE Josh Allen.

Allen spent his rookie year with Jacksonville as the 7th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft while resoundingly taking down opposing QBs last season to the tune of making his first ever Pro Bowl and All-Pro status.

Now the rest of us get to see if these pro athletes can conjure up the nerve that it takes to sit still, be quiet, and wait until the right moment to touch off a shot on a big gobbler that has been coming in for over one-hundred yards.

Sound familiar? Here's the video:

As Daniel said in the description, "This was Josh's ever first turkey hunt and you could tell, because my man went out in the swamps of Florida in a pair of all white Adidas!"

But it was going to be his day after all as the NFL pro had some luck as well: "These two Toms rolled right in at about 35 yards, Josh missed on the first shot and had to swing back around and bust it with a second one."

We truly love seeing any man or woman, sports pro or otherwise, get to have success in the field for the first time whether they are turkey hunting or deer hunting. Now Allen can say that when he's not creating forced fumbles or preventing touchdowns, he can be counted on to drop big southern gobblers, even if it take two shots!

Now that the season's started, the former SEC defensive player of the year can give more attention to tackles and interceptions. That is, when he's not intercepting a big Florida Tom! The former high school player from Montclair, New Jersey, who has never had a problem with a matchup, can now add an Osceola turkey to his already stellar resume.

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