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The Orvis BOA Pivot Wading Boot is a Game Changer

The Orvis BOA Pivot wading boot is definitely footwear you are going to want to consider for your fly fishing adventures as it is the closet thing to a hiking boot you can wear in the water.

Tom Rosenbauer goes over the best innovation to hit wading boots with the BOA Pivot. It combines the comfort of a hiking boot with the all the things you need for a sure footing in the water.

I had the good fortune to thoroughly use the BOA Pivot and I can tell you no other wading shoe or boot comes close. It combines the best features of backcountry hiking boots, with a unique lacing system and grip that give you solid footing in and out of the water. It really is the boot that will allow you to get off the beaten track and hike into those spots where there is little fishing pressures and the wild trout lurk.

Be sure to check out more about the BOA PIVOT and the other fine Orvis products at this link.


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The Orvis BOA Pivot Wading Boot is a Game Changer