Oregon Zoo Starts Hilarious Trend of Amazon Reviews for Animals

Animals are getting their own "product reviews" on Twitter accounts complete with shipping errors and the need for repairs.

Using the hashtag #rateaspecies, animal inhabitants at the Oregon Zoo are getting detailed "customer feedback" via the zoo's Twitter feed. The tweets are modeled after Amazon reviews, complete with starred rankings.

In fact, the zoo's tweets offer a bit of education to Twitter followers with a guessing game as to what animal is being reviewed and what traits are being described. Take this owl, for instance:

"Top rotates is a plus" references an owl's ability to turn its head 270 degrees, which gives it four stars.

The Oregon Zoo got crafty with its word usage in describing this inland water dweller. Unfortunately it is lacking a GoPro mount.

Birds, mammals, fish, and even reptiles made the list of reviews. This little turtle has such a cute case, plus it still works when you drop it in water!

Twitter users themselves even took to the animal rating game, for animals not necessarily at the Oregon Zoo. Tyger was not impressed with his platypus order.

Some animals were easy to guess, but the specific species might not be well-known, like this glob of a pet frog:

In response to the Oregon Zoo's tweets, the hashtag started trending among other organizations, including the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium. The aquarium's resident octopus and his squid counterparts got a shoutout on their Twitter page. The fact that the ink is included with these models makes a huge difference.

The Minnesota Zoo tweeted about their own fan favorite, the red panda.

The New England Aquarium's penguin review was reminiscent of the animated film "Happy Feet" with his "sick dance moves."

Even veterinary clinics participated, including Animal Wellness and Rehab Center of Bellevue, Washington. This cat lets you know when it needs refueling of the pet variety.

Even the Prince of Whales whale watching tour boat provider out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada had a hilarious review to write about orcas. They have such a stylish exterior!

Naturally, a "Stranger Things" reference eventually surfaced that only got a meager two and a half stars:

One Twitter user went so far as to rate humans, leaving a poor review for us Homo sapiens. Planet Earth is not happy about us destroying all its furniture:

If you could rate an animal, what would it be?

Leave a #rateaspecies review in the comments below! Guess what other people rated!

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