Oregon State Police

Oregon Poachers to Pay Thousands in Restitution for Killing of 8X6 Bull Elk

Three men receive huge fines after an elk poaching case from September 2017.

Last September, we reported on an elk poaching case out of Glide, Oregon, where someone illegally took an 8x7 trophy bull elk from closed area.

The poachers responsible have now pled guilty in the Douglas County Circuit Court.

Receiving the biggest fine is Cody Miller, who is one of two men who actually shot the elk. With Miller's guilty plea, he'll have to pay an $8,100 share of $15,000 in restitution. He was the one who originally claimed the elk.

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He'll also have to pay $552 in meat processing fees and $500 for TIP fund restitution. He also loses his hunting license for three years and will have to serve 10 days in jail or do time on a work crew.

The other poacher who also shot the elk pleaded guilty, too. Dylan Miller will have to pay $3,450 of the bull's restitution. He also loses his hunting license for the next three seasons and will either have 10 days in jail or time on a work crew.

The men who shot the elk weren't the only ones who received punishment, though. Oregon State Police say Brian Philpott took part in the hunt, processing and packing out of the elk. He pleaded no contest but will get the same suspensions and jail time punishments as Dylan and Cody.

Philpott will also share in the restitution costs, having to pay up $3,450.

"The sentences will allow the men to assist Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) with local habitat restoration projects during the completion of their 10 days of assigned work crew if they so choose," the press release from the Oregon State Police reads.

With the closure of this case, some new details from the September 4, 2017 crime have also emerged. Originally, authorities had confirmed three men and two unnamed juveniles were in the area illegally, as it was closed due to fire dangers.

It turns out the three men took a key from a co-worker without permission and used it to get through the locked gate of a Roseburg Forest Products property.

Police say the group knowingly ignored signs on the gate that stated "No Trespassing" and "Area Closed to all Public Use."

The property was under a Level 4 fire restriction at the time, and the key was for work purposes only. The press release states the group drove approximately 3 miles past the fence to take part in the illegal hunt.