Optics From ATN

Check Out These Cutting-Edge Optics from Industry Leader ATN

Here's a close look at three innovative digital optics from ATN Corp.

ATN Corp., the leader in digital optics, is always coming out with new and innovative devices to help shooters, hunters, and others make the most of their time afield, at the range, and beyond.

We got the inside scoop about three of their latest products, all designed to take advantage of smart HD optics, thermal technology, and night vision capabilities.

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For starters, the new ATN X-Sight LTV is a scaled down version of their flagship X-Sight 4K Pro digital scope, with many of the same capabilities but a more intuitive and simpler operation.

It's a day and night vision scope that uses a QHD+ sensor and has the ability to record HD video, all while using ultra low power consumption, enough to provide 10-plus hours of continuous use. Perhaps best of all, it allows users to achieve a one shot zero when sighting in their rifle. The Smart HD Thermal rifle scope is reasonably priced and can work in short or long range applications.

Next, the TICO LT Thermal Clip-on sight is meant to be mounted to just about any riflescope and award the user thermal detection powered by ATN's Obsidian LT core. It will allow anyone who's attached to their particular optics the ability to continue their shooting into the darkness of night.

Finally, the OTS LT Thermal Monocular is a lightweight, easy to use device that has a wide range of uses. Law enforcement, search and rescue, game identification, and plenty of other activities are made far easier with the OTS LT. The battery life and smooth zoom add to the appeal.

Together, these products represent the forefront of thermal imaging, and the cutting edge lineup offered by ATN Corp.

To find out more, and see the rest of the digital optic product selection from this front-running industry leader, be sure to go to ATNCorp.com.