New Shooting Gear: 2 Optics-Compatible Holsters and a Modular Bag Holster From Versacarry

This holster company is responding to the needs of today's concealed carriers.

Concealed carry handguns with micro red-dot optics mounted to the slide are fast becoming the standard of a modern EDC kit.

Thankfully, Versacarry has released two brand new optics-friendly concealed carry holster options, along with a versatile CCW holster that fits pretty much any handbag.

Optics Compatible Ranger IWB

First up is the Optics Compatible Ranger IWB Holster. Designed to fit a wide range of handguns, this concealment holster is compatible with most red dot handgun sights. It also features a number of comfort features for all-day wear, like a hybrid leather and foam construction.

This Versacarry holster is minimal in size to reduce bulk and has an ultra-plus padded back where the holster touches the skin. If an undershirt isn't worn, you'll still be nice and comfortable.

The Ranger uses Versacarry's easy on/off clip to hold it in place and comes in four sizes to fit most handguns on the market from a SIG P365 to a full size Glock 17, and while it's not ambidextrous, left-hand models are also available. The MSRP is $29.

Optics Compatible Rebel Holster

This new Versacarry inside the waistband holster is another optics compatible model, but one that's made for two very popular concealed carry handguns: The Springfield Armory Hellcat and the SIG Sauer P365 (with 3.1" barrel).

The Rebel is made for comfort with a raised protective backing which includes closed-cell padding, making all-day carry a little easier. A custom-molded polymer front (similar to kydex) holds the handgun firmly in place while a high quality and comfortable leather back offers all the comfort of a leather holster and the utility of a polymer one.

Two secured belt clips keep the Rebel in place and it has a forward cant for faster draws. The draw tension is also user adjustable, a major perk in our eyes. The MSRP is set at $65.

Versacarry Modular Bag Holster 

One of the biggest problem with off-the-body (OTB) carry is that people tend to simply toss their handgun in a handbag or backpack with nothing but the trigger guard, and possibly a manual safety, preventing a negligent discharge.

The new Modular Bag Holster changes all that and makes any purse or bag into a concealed carry purse or bag.

This holster will fit most any purse, bag, backpack, briefcase, or waistpack. The premium water buffalo leather holster features S3 technology that can be adjusted to fit 90 percent of all handguns.

Included Velcro patches are affixed to the desired location in a bag and corresponding patches on the provided holster fix it in place. You can even place additional Velcro patches in other bags and move the same holster from bag to bag.

This ensures secure gun retention and that the gun is in the same place at all times for reliable draws and safe carry.

All this lets concealed carries add the function of a concealed carry purse line to any bag without limited color styles or less than stylish designs. The MSRP will be $30.

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