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One Shot From a .458 Lott Puts This Bison Down

One Shot From A .458 Lott Puts This Bison Down!

American Bison are extremely large creatures, but one shot from a .458 Lott was all this hunter needed to bring one down in Alberta, Canada.

The .458 Lott is a very powerful cartridge designed for use on very large, thick skinned dangerous game like cape buffalo. The cartridge is not limited to use in Africa though and the .458 Lott is also very well suited for hunting other species of game like American Bison.

These guys were hunting in Alberta when they spotted a bison bull off by himself. After determining that they were looking at a very large old bull that was worth pursuing, they crossed a massive open field on foot.

Fortunately, the bison didn't spot their approach and they decided to take a shot at a range of around 70 yards. 

Watch the video to see how it all went down!

Pretty impressive results right?

Originally conceived as an improvement to the .458 Winchester Magnum, the .458 Lott provides an extra measure of power on top of the already seriously hard hitting .458 Win Mag.

While using a big bullet from a big gun is no guarantee that things will work out (like these guys learned the hard way), this video also shows just how effective a 500 grain bullet from a .458 Lott is when it's placed properly.

American Bison don't have quite the reputation for aggression and toughness as a cape buffalo, but things can still get interesting really quickly if the hunter messes up his or her shot placement. That bison went down like a ton of bricks though.

Great work guys! I'll bet that bison provided enough meat to feed their families for over a year!

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One Shot From a .458 Lott Puts This Bison Down