One of the Most Iconic Brands in Our Industry Launched a Camo Line, and You Need to Know About It

Rocky brings you Venator Camo and simply put, it's legit. One chance, one shot, one camo.

Rocky has been one of the most formidable, iconic, and respected brands in the outdoor industry and world since the 1930s. Decade after decade, they have put quality boots and apparel on the market for all outdoorsmen. Well, now, they've brought their own camo line into the game, and you're going to want to check it out. Drumroll... Venator Camo.

With a year of hunting with the Venator line under my belt, I am a huge fan. Had my best whitetail season to date here in Illinois. Was it because of the Venator Camo? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know one thing... it didn't hurt my chances.

The pattern, layering system, and technology are so sophisticated that the Venator Camo apparel is effective in any hunting situation in the world. Any hunt, at any time. That's why Rocky is pushing the "one chance, one shot, one camo" slogan:

The Venator Camo apparel line has a wide variety that you can check out here. A piece of clothing for every need imaginable, at an incredibly affordable price compared to competitors. It is a win-win in every category. The apparel line is stretchable, breathable, and made for quality.

Obviously, your clothing isn't going to solely make you a better hunter. But being comfortable on the hunt, blending well with your environment, and having clothing that moves quietly is always an added bonus.

Venator Camo

[divider]Venator Camo

One of my favorite aspects of the Venator apparel is the layering system. If you have hunted in the Midwest, you know that the weather has a mind of its own. Starting the season in October, the temperature can be up to 80 degrees at times. But, by mid November, you could be looking at single-digit temps, and then negative temperatures come late season.

The layering system allows you to dress comfortably with the substantial product line for whatever the weather brings you. By simply adding the next garment of the layering system, Venator provides you with a system that will cover you from early season to the freezing late season temps.

If you are searching for some new hunting clothes, I think you have found your solution.

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