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One Measly Tree Branch Turns an Easy Shot Into a Blooper

It's safe to say this would haunt any bowhunter for life.

Bowhunting arguably offers a greater reward than anything when it yields positive results, but it unquestionably comes attached to some formidable strings. It's hard enough to harvest a deer to begin with; trying to do it with an arrow demands near-perfect circumstances.

Even with a short-range shot, it's more difficult to be accurate. Even if you're up in a treestand, a deer might see you at full draw. And, as you're about to see, even the most ideal shot opportunity can be hijacked by the tiniest interference.

This bowhunter watches a trophy-class whitetail buck walk right up to his stand offering the perfect shot angle right before a tiny, nearly invisible branch spells complete disaster.

Watch the video below:

Well, the shot placement would've been on point.

Can you imagine how crushing this would be? Hunters often wait all season long for a big buck to come in this close, so to have an opportunity be completely derailed by something so seemingly insignificant has to chip away at a person's soul.

However, it does highlight one of the key elements of a successful hunt: preparation. It's paramount to consider all the best and worst possibilities of a hunt, as it's often a game of inches. This guy should have cleared out a shooting lane to prevent anything like this from happening.

Being thorough is always key, too, as even something as small as that tiny little branch can throw a broadhead in the wrong direction.

Without a doubt, this shot will stick this guy for the rest of his life, so learn from his mistakes this archery season.

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