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Buck Doesn’t Realize His Girlfriend is Plastic, Breeds Decoy

We've seen our fair share of funny deer videos, but this one might take the cake.

Deer do some really weird things. In fact, every time we think we have seen it all, they do something else incredible to prove us wrong. Of course, there are also the classic behaviors that seem to happen over and over again. We found this gem of a young deer trying to get busy with a deer decoy. It takes about a minute for the young deer to figure out he's going to town a piece of plastic.

After he dismounts, it seems he finally realizes what's going on. He pauses and looks around, as if wondering to himself, "Nobody saw that, right?"

Just watch the video to see what we mean. It should put a much-needed smile on your face in the middle of a hard week.

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If deer could be embarrassed, we think this one would be beet red if he noticed the hunters in the tree. These are the types of mistakes that allow hunters to harvest big bucks every season. He should have known it was too good to be true that there was a lone doe there unaccompanied by another buck.

So, there you have it, sometimes a decoy works a little TOO well for drawing a buck into shooting range. This buck was completely fooled into thinking this chunk of plastic was a doe in heat. It's not often a deer is fooled this well, but when it does happen, it certainly helps raise our hunting confidence knowing that buck never noticed we were there.

There are literally dozens of very inappropriate jokes we could make here. We'll hold off though and just say that the power of the rut can overcome a lot. When a deer is determined to get the job done, well, you saw what happens...