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209 Sheep are Dead Because of a Single Brown Bear in France

Wikimedia Commons

French farmers are not happy after one bear caused sheep destruction on an unimaginable scale.

In the most bizarre news you'll probably read all week, over 200 sheep are dead in France, and it is all the fault of a single bear.

The incredible incident happened last weekend in the Couflens area of the Pyrenees Mountains. As The Telegraph reports, authorities determined the bear took off after a large flock of sheep and drove most of them off the edge of a cliff and to their deaths.

The few lucky ones that didn't plummet to their deaths mostly went missing while continuing to flee the bruin. The bodies of the sheep were discovered on Sunday morning.

Bears were first introduced to the area in the 1990s. Luckily for the farmer, an agreement made between the farmers and the government means the farmer will be compensated for all 209 animals that were found dead.

Still, French farmers are extremely upset about the incident. "The state, which is responsible for the reintroduction of the bears, should remove the ones that are causing problems and should not reintroduce any more bears," the Farmers' Federation said in a statement.

The Telegraph reports farmers and conservation groups have been butting heads for years when it comes to the reintroduction of bears and wolves to areas where livestock is kept.

We've hear some pretty crazy bear stories here at Wide Open Spaces, but we've got to admit, this one ranks up there near the top.


209 Sheep are Dead Because of a Single Brown Bear in France