Old Barn Hunt
YouTube: Realtree

Bowhunter Ambushes Big Buck By Hiding in Old Barn's Hayloft

This big buck never anticipated a hunter in a barn.

When scouting out a new hunting property, most hunters are looking for ways to utilize the natural landscape to their advantage. Usually this means strategically placing stands based on water ways, food sources and natural deadfalls of trees that help direct deer traffic around the property.

However, the resourceful hunter also finds a way to use man-made features of a property to his or her advantage too. Realtree Land staffer Tondo Waldron recently purchased a new hunting property and during his scouting he finds an old, abandoned barn back in the woods.

With a little bit of extra work to re-direct deer traffic via new trails and a food plot, he effectively creates a staging area in front of the barn. Once the season starts, the hayloft becomes the perfect ambush point for a big buck.

Using the barn as a stand location was a stroke of genius here. That old building has been there for decades and the deer are completely accustomed to it by now. It's not likely they associate it with human activity anymore. That dandy buck never suspected a thing. The barn is simply a natural part of their environment now. At the same time, the barn becomes an awesome spot for an all-day sit since it is far roomier than a box blind and will also protect you from the elements.

Tondo was able to easily re-direct deer traffic here by cutting some paths that make it easier to access. The bigger bucks are going to feel comfortable hitting this smaller field to check out the situation in the larger beanfield before moving on. That gives plenty of chances for shot opportunities.

This hunt looked like a lot of fun and now we want to try deer hunting out of a barn too. We would personally add things like some carpet to dampen the sounds and some permanent bow and rifle holders up there to make the space even more useful for years of hunting adventures.

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