Oklahoma Couple Use 'Noodled' Catfish for Baby Reveal

Revealing your baby's gender with a hand-wrestled catfish might just catch on...well in the south at least.

Catfish noodling is certainly becoming more common-place. We love featuring the hand-wrestling antics of Hannah Barron - highlighted in the big cats she pulls to the water's surface. But using a catfish for a baby reveal? This might just be a first.

Colt and Shelby Moore recently came up with the creative idea and posted the cool video to Facebook on June 18. A 28 pound catfish was caught the previous week, at which time a neighbor and friend 'tagged' the fish with the appropriate gender ribbon and kept it tethered in the water until the big reveal. The father Colt then fishes it out to the excitement and shrieks from family and friends watching.

What's your guess: boy or girl?

Definitely a different twist on the baby reveal phenomenon.

It does remind us of a video we shared recently, although this couple blew up some colored tannerite in order to learn the baby's gender. You can watch that cool video HERE.

Congrats Colt and Shelby!

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