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More Than Average: How "Okay, Oklahoma" Got Its Name

After being an American Indian territory and a French trading post in the 1800s, Okay, Oklahoma went through a few different phases before receiving its interesting, modern-day name.

In 1894, the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway had a stop in the area — where a train had been robbed by the Cook Gang — which was often used by travelers of the time. The small town had been called Coretta, Falls City, and North Muskogee until an oil tanker truck brand by the same name moved into town. "O.K. Trucks" were built in this area by the Oklahoma Auto Manufacturing Company. Thus, in 1919, the settlement was incorporated into an American town known as Okay. At the time, the town was home to just a few establishments: two general stores, a church, the post office, a filling station, and a blacksmith shop.

Today, this small area is made up of a total area of just one square mile. Okay, Oklahoma is home to an estimated 700 people in the region's almost 300 housing units and one public school, according to the US Census Bureau. These Americans are "A-OK" with the quirky vibe that exists here. As a result, residents and visitors enjoy this place's rich history and small-town charm. For travelers, there is plenty to do and see when road tripping in the state of Oklahoma, and the town of Okay is a great place to stop along this journey.

What to Do in Okay, Oklahoma?

Tourists walking through downtown Okay, Oklahoma will feel as though they are in a true, middle-American small town. The Western-movie and cowboy vibes are fulfilled by two horseback riding and rodeo areas in town: Okay Rodeo Grounds and Okay Mustang Park.

There are old-time general stores for modest dining and shopping in downtown Okay. However, the main activities in this town are found in the outdoors when fishing for paddlefish on the surrounding bodies of water. After visiting the downtown area, fishermen and hunters find themselves on the banks of the Verdigris River or the Arkansas River. What's more, this region is a scenic area for sightseeing the natural environment, hiking, and mountain biking.

How to Get There

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Okay, Oklahoma is one small piece of United States real estate located within Wagoner County. Okay sits in between the Verdigris River, the Arkansas River, and the Neosho River.

The Okay area is located on the East end of Oklahoma—just about two hours from the capital city of Oklahoma City (often shortened to OKC). Tourists from other states should note this area operates in the Central Daylight time zone.

The town of Okay is a great go-between when traveling to other OK cities like Tulsa, Muskogee, Hulbert, and Fort Gibson. Residents and visitors of Okay, Oklahoma often choose to visit nearby attractions like Sequoyah State Park and Fort Gibson Wildlife Management Area.

Planning a Trip to Okay

When planning a trip to Okay, Oklahoma it is most popular to visit Old Okay High School, Mallard Bay Recreation Center, and APAC Central Okay Quarry.

When tourists and residents work up an appetite there are also opportunities for dining and drinking in this region. Nearby restaurants like Martin's and Sizzlin' Bones BBQ are frequented by travelers and residents of this town. Tourists coming into town or on their way out should stop at Stinky's Sport Center to pick up general store items, eat a greasy hamburger, and fill up their gas tank.

Whatever an individual or family decides to do on their trip to Okay, they can rest-assured that the area provides much to be observed and enjoyed during an Oklahoma vacation.

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