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Ohio Police Looking for Leads on Duct-Taped, Mutilated Deer Carcasses

Travis Smola

Police investigating strangely mutilated deer in Ohio.

In perhaps the most bizarre deer story of the year thus far, police in New Franklin, Ohio are looking for information on who may have killed and left three does dead on a road side on Friday the 13th.

While a deer carcass getting dumped on a road isn’t strange, it was the state of the deer when found that has police puzzled. “It doesn’t look normal,” Police Lt. Ed Klein told the Akron Beacon Journal.

That’s because the bodies were found wrapped in duct tape and were disemboweled and dismembered. The Akron Beacon Journal reports the animals also had holes bored into the chests. One body was simply a torso.

There were also missing limbs and skin. Police are speculating the animals were killed for their organs to be harvested.

Cue the creepy X-Files-style music here right? The animals were found on Rex Hill Road and the New Franklin Police ask anyone with leads in the bizarre case to contact them at 330-882-3281.

We hear a lot of bizarre animal stories here at Wide Open Spaces, but this one is a new one on us. We’ll keep an ear to the ground on this one and let you know when police have an update in this strange case.


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Ohio Police Looking for Leads on Duct-Taped, Mutilated Deer Carcasses