Odd Video of the Day: Man Handlines Fish From a Whale Carcass

You can catch fish from the back of a whale carcass now?

Here's an odd video shared by someone who had the strange fortune of witnessing a man fishing off of the back of a dead whale.

Luckily this video is short, because there's not much to see. You pretty much get the idea in the first few seconds.

Still, it's not too often that you see someone willing to climb onto the carcass of a large, deceased marine mammal and try his luck. But this guy did, and he hauled one in on a handline no less!

Watch in awe as one intrepid fisherman proves that no spot should go un-fished. Or at least laugh at some oddball that actually did it.

It's said in the caption that the fish was a mahi mahi, but there's no way of telling. Certainly that fellow considered it good eating since he clubbed it over the head.

Clubs and handlines aside, who would ever think to fish from the back of a dead whale? By the way, there was obviously a boat there since someone filmed it!

This proves that fishermen will do anything to have a good spot all to themselves!

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