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Sea Lion Steals Trophy Mahi Mahi Ninja-Style

Watch the video below as a sea lion steals a trophy Mahi Mahi from anglers posing for a picture, and it’s all caught on camera.

It’s not everyday you make it back to the docks with not one, but two gigantic Mahi Mahi after a long day of fishing. A local Cabo San Lucas resident made sure it didn’t happen to these two gentlemen with a quick snatch-and-grab job any pickpocket would be proud of.

The video below was taken while filming the new show “Chef on the Water” with Mike “The Griz” Ritz, who was accompanied by Chef Yvan Mucharraz in their excursion for big game fish. Mucharraz was unsuspectedly burglarized by Pancho, an allegedly blind sea lion that frequents the docks looking for scraps and handouts.

Many of us have lost big catches, but likely not at the hands of a thief of this stature.

Have you ever seen anything like it? Share this with your fishing friends and be sure to hold on to your catch tightly, especially while posing for pictures. A sea lion will steal your fish when you least expect it.

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Sea Lion Steals Trophy Mahi Mahi Ninja-Style