The Art of Docking Your Boat Like a Boss

There's an art to docking your boat: do it with some style, some good music, but most of all when you're sober.

Here's a little fun from the Norwegian AV-OG-TIL organization that promotes an alcohol-free outdoor lifestyle, including swimming and boating.

Watch how a guy with a smooth style and a flair for the impressive shows up the guy next to him, who has had a few too many cocktails...

I don't care if it's a commercial or a public service announcement, that's some fun! I want to know what that music is as well.

Here's a great way to have some fun docking your boat, but I don't suggest trying it. There are definitely dangers when drinking and boating. Coupled with the fact that your local sheriff's office has vessels out there to keep you safe and keep drunks off the water it would be a good idea to stay sober.

Have some fun out there, but keep things like drinking and boating in moderation.