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Oblong, Illinois: The Small Town With a Big Vibe

Before Oblong, Illinois was an incorporated American village, the town's first general store was owned by a man named Henry Peck. To this day, people recognize the town's first nickname as "Henpeck". In 1883, The village of Oblong was founded. The site is located on a naturally occurring "oblong" prairie—and just like that the name stuck.

This small town is made up of a total area of just one square mile. Today, it still holds its small-town charm with an estimated population around 1,400 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau. There is much to do and see when traveling in the state of Illinois, and the town of Oblong is a great place to stop along the way.

What to Do in Oblong, Illinois?

The village is known as home to the Illinois Oil Field Museum and Resource Center. This museum hosts a collection of early oilfield artifacts from the first days of the U.S. oil industry in the Illinois Basin. This resource center is a great place for the whole family to see 19th century oil field records and learn about the local history through the site's resource books.

Visitors often continue to walk through downtown Oblong after visiting the local museum. The West Main Street downtown contains opportunities for viewing the village's historic housing units. What's more, this area is great for tourists to do some shopping, eating, and drinking.

After visiting the downtown area, tourists and residents often head to the Oblong Park and Oblong Lake; these are great sightseeing areas and nature walks. The lake in Oblong is a beautiful destination for relaxation on a nice, sunny day. Other popular activities in the town's park include fishing, camping, and picnicking.

How to Get to Oblong, Illinois

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"The Only" Oblong, Illinois is one small piece of United States real estate located within Oblong Township and is part of Crawford County. Oblong sits in between Dogwood Creek and the North Fork of the Embarras River. This area is located on the East end of Illinois, about 45 minutes from the Indiana border. What's more, the village of Oblong makes for a great go-between when traveling to other Illinois towns like Robinson, Casey, and Hutsonville. Residents and visitors of Oblong often choose to visit nearby attractions like the Crawford County Fair, the Big Coin in Casey, and the Heath Candy Bar Museum in Robinson.

Planning Your Trip

When planning a trip to Oblong, it is most popular to come through town during outdoor events like Oblong's Annual Hootenanny, according to the Oblong Chamber of Commerce. The year 2021 marked the 5th annual Hootenanny where town residents and visitors came together to enjoy live music, classic cars, and a delicious selection of locally made food and drinks.

During gatherings like this, tourists will notice families and local high school kids utilizing the local park. Oblong Park is home to community playgrounds, picnic areas, a horseshoe court, basketball court, volleyball court, and pickleball court. What's more, the park's covered picnic shelters are often rented out for company events and family parties.

When tourists and residents work up an appetite there are also opportunities for dining and drinking in downtown Oblong. What's more, Irene's Vineyard in Oblong is a popular destination where tourists can sample, and drink locally grown wine. In order to try this delicious local wine, visitors must travel from downtown Oblong to 8500 N 2250th St, Oblong, IL 62449.

Whatever an individual or family decides to do on their trip to Oblong, they can rest-assured that the area provides much to be observed and enjoyed during an Illinois vacation.

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