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Colon, Michigan Is The Magic Capital of the World

Colon, Michigan got its unusual name from Lorensie Schellhouse. As one of the city's founders, Schellhouse opened a dictionary and liked the word "colon"—the quirky name stuck ever since. This magical small town is made up of a total area of two square miles. Today, Colon, Michigan has less than 1200 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau. There is much to do and see when traveling in the state of Michigan and the town of Colon is one great place to stop along the way.

Not only is this place real, it's also the Magic Capital of the World!

What to Do in Colon, Michigan?

Visitors can walk through downtown Colon and stop to pick up magical gifts at a local magic company. Three main businesses meet such qualifications: Abbott's Magic Co., Sterlini Magic, and FAB Magic Co.

After visiting the downtown area, tourists and residents often choose to go fishing, boating, and kayaking on the surrounding bodies of water. Many residential housing units dot the lake's shoreline, which makes for a great sightseeing area and nature walk. The two lakes in Colon are beautiful destinations for water sports and relaxation on a nice, sunny day. Other popular activities in this area include deer hunting and biking along the scenic terrain.

Families with kids can have fun at local farms like Nila's Goat Farm. Additionally, visitors can walk and hike through the Colon Community Park for some scenic views.

How to Get to Colon, Michigan

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This small piece of American real estate is located within the six-mile Colon Township—part of St. Joseph County. Colon is sits between two bodies of water known as Palmer Lake and Sturgeon Lake. This area is in Southern Michigan close to the Indiana border. The town of Colon makes for a great go between when traveling to other Michigan towns like Kalamazoo, Sturgis, and Coldwater. Residents and visitors of Colon often choose to visit nearby attractions like Ramona Park Beach on Long Lake.

Planning Your Trip

When planning a trip to Colon it is most popular to come through town in the beginning of August. 2021 marks the 83rd Abbott Magic Get Together, held from August 4-7. Every day, the magical get together concludes with a magic show at Colon High School. The notable Abbott Magic Co. was founded in 1934 by magicians Percy Abbott (an Australian friend of Blackstone's) and Recil Bordner (from Ohio). The company has a local store, a showroom, and a factory where magicians' supplies and new tricks are manufactured. Abbott Magic is well known worldwide among professional stage acts and magic enthusiasts. The town is also home to the former residence and burial site of famous magicians like Harry Blackstone, Sr. (The Great Blackstone). There are 30 magicians buried in the local cemetery—the most of any cemetery on the planet.

When tourists and residents work up an appetite from the magic fest there are also opportunities for dining and drinking in Colon. For example, one can find fine country dining at the River Lake Inn where customers can eat a rack of lamb with their family, while the restaurant's population of hummingbirds whiz by in the garden. This restaurant can be found at 767 Ralston Rd, Colon, MI 49040. Whatever an individual or family decides to do on their trip to Colon, they can rest-assured that the area provides much to be observed and enjoyed during a Michigan vacation.

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