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Youngster Invents Oasis, A Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

An 11-year-old boy has invented a device called Oasis designed to prevent hot car deaths.

Every summer we hear devastating stories of the lives of children being taken from vehicular heatstroke deaths due to being left behind in a car in a heat wave. According to, 804 young children in the America have been killed from hot car deaths and heatstroke from being in locked vehicles, and it's a number that keeps growing.

This sparked McKinney, Texas 11 year-old Bishop Curry, the son of a Toyota engineer, to devise an idea after watching a news story of a child, a six-month-old, dying in an unattended hot car.

The prototype comprises of a fan that automatically turns on when sensing a certain temperature, mounted on a front or rear car seat depending on the child's location, with an automatic dial to first responders.

Hot car deaths continue to play a role in infant deaths in the U.S.

Hot car deaths continue to play a role in infant deaths in the U.S.

Doing His Part

"I was like, 'This would be my one-way shot to actually helping people'," said Bishop in a statement to NBC News.

"People are donating to a belief," added Bishop's dad, Bishop Curry Sr. "A belief that the world can change through one child."

As of this writing, a GoFundMe campaign has already raised $50,292, starting from a $20,000 goal, with donations no longer being accepted. These funds will go towards securing a patent building a 3-D model of the prototype. The idea has already been pitched to several car manufacturers.

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