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New York DEC Announces New Plan to Control CWD, Including a Ban on Deer Urine

New York State has announced a plan to take care of Chronic Wasting Disease and here it is.

The proposed regulations below will work to minimize the risk of CWD entering or spreading throughout New York State. It is designed to protect both the white-tailed deer and moose herds in the area. According to the bulletin released, disease prevention is the only cost-effective way to keep CWD out of New York.

Some of the proposed changes to New York State coming directly from the announcement would be:

  • Prohibit the importation of certain parts from any CWD-susceptible cervid taken outside of New York. Require that these animals be deboned or quartered and only the meat, raw hide or cape, and cleaned body parts, such as skull cap, antlers, jaws, and teeth, or finished taxidermy mounts be allowed for import into the state.
  • Prohibit the retail sale, possession, use, and distribution of deer or elk urine and any products from CWD-susceptible animals that may contain prions, including glands, or other excreted material while allowing New York captive cervid facilities to continue to export deer urine outside of New York State.
  • Maintain and reinforce the prohibition on the feeding of wild deer and moose in New York State.
  • Provide DEC Division of Law Enforcement the necessary authority to enforce Department of Agriculture and Market's CWD regulations.
  • Explore possible penalties or charges to defray costs associated with the removal of escaped cervids from the environment or the response to disease outbreaks.
  • Require all taxidermists and deer processors (people who butcher deer for hire) to dispose of cervid waste and waste byproducts in compliance with 6 NYCRR Part 360, such as in a municipal landfill.
  • Promotion of improved fencing methods for captive cervids to further prevent contact with wild deer or moose.
  • Partner with the State Department of Agriculture and Markets to enhance captive cervid testing while continuing DEC's rigorous surveillance testing in hunter-harvested deer.
  • Improve record keeping and data sharing between departments through joint inspections of captive cervid facilities, electronic reporting, and animal marking.
  • Improve handling requirements, record keeping, and disease testing of wild white-tailed deer temporarily held in captivity for wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Develop a communication plan and strategy to re-engage stakeholders, including captive cervid owners and the public, in CWD risk minimization measures and updates on CWD research.

Hunters Can No Longer Use Deer Urine

For most deer hunters in New York State, most of the list items will hold no effect on them. Many, however, will take note of the use of deer urine. Many hunters use deer urine as a means of attracting deer during the hunting season. If this passes, hunters will no longer be able to use it or posses it in New York State.

Other states, like Virginia and Vermont, have banned deer urine already. It is said that deer urine carries prions, the infectious agent responsible for causing CWD in deer.

Natural, pure, whitetail urine is always a hunter favorite but it is important to protect the deer herd.

A legal alternative that is very popular among the banned states as well as hunters nationwide is Wind Pro. Wind Pro is 100% synthetic which hold oppositions to natural, pure deer urine lovers, but field tests show that Wind Pro works very well.

The full draft plan is available for the public to view on the DEC website. Written comments on the draft plan will be accepted through September 1, 2017. Comments can be submitted by e-mail ([email protected], subject: "CWD Plan") or by writing to NYSDEC, Bureau of Wildlife, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4754.

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New York DEC Announces New Plan to Control CWD, Including a Ban on Deer Urine