5 Nudist RV Parks for Americans Who Love Living Free

Whether you call them naturist resorts or nudist colonies, one thing's for sure: nudist resorts are among America's most interesting destinations. Take clothing-optional resorts, combine them with RV parks, and you've got yourself a real adventure.

If you've come here because it's your first time considering a trip to a nudist RV park, you're in the right place! And if you're a nudist RV park veteran, we hope the information below leads you somewhere new and liberating.

However, for the enterprising newbies, it's time for a quick refresher before we run down our top five picks for Amerian nudist RV parks.

What are nudist RV resorts?

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Hint: they're not just anywhere.

While nudity is unofficially allowed in some state and national parks, this is sort of a gray area that park authorities have control over.

For instance, Rooster Rock State Park in Oregon's Columbia Gorge has a great nude beach. But its campsites are for groups-they don't have full hookups for RV camping. Meanwhile, people regularly strip down to enjoy the hot springs in Death Valley, but the park doesn't host any dedicated nude camping or RV sites.

That's where legitimate nudist RV parks come in. Note the word "legitimate." Just because an RV park lets you go buck doesn't mean it's the right one for you. Thanks to organizations like the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), it's become more of a buyers market for finding good naturist RV resorts.

The best RV nudist parks offer much more than the chance to visit a dump station in your birthday suit. Nudism really comes to life when campers are offered a range of nude recreation. The best nudist resorts keep the good times rolling, from karaoke and shuffleboard to hot tubs and hiking trails.

Since we don't have the space to list every nudist campground across creation, we've narrowed the list down to some of the top choices in the most popular states. For more information or help finding nudist RV resorts near you, try checking one of AANR's websites.

5 Best Nude RV Parks in the U.S.

DeAnza Springs Resort

So you don't want clothes, but you want the whole resort experience.

Good news! There's a new nudist RV resort on the scene, and it's one of the biggest in the country. DeAnza Springs sits on more than 500 acres of land in San Diego County and features 311 RV sites with full hookups. There are also tent sites and rental units!

This is a great nudist RV park for outdoorsy types. DeAnza's neighbor is the hills of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, making the resort a haven for nude hiking to abandoned mines and railroad camps.

Visitors can enjoy everything from swimming to volleyball outside and spa days or video games inside on the grounds itself. Oh, and pets are allowed, too.

Olive Dell Ranch

Yeah, this is another Southern California nudist RV resort. But, hey, you can't beat the location. Located in Colton, near San Bernardino and Riverdale, a stay at Olive Dell Ranch keeps you just an hour away from Los Angeles and the West Coast beaches.

Not that you'd be looking for reasons to leave Olive Dell, one of California's most popular nudist resorts. The club offers RV hookups and campsites for extended stays. Play on some tennis courts, go hike in the South Hills or take a dip in the swimming pool or sauna.

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Willamettans Family Nudist Resort

Now we're out of California and into the (arguably prettier) environs of Oregon, where the Willamettans Family Nudist Resort lies.

We get it. Maybe Olive Dell's location in the heart of SoCal made you wary. If seclusion and escape are what you're after, we highly suggest Willamettans. The resort is nestled in a large clearing of the Coburg Hills, northeast of Eugene. With over 100 RV sites with full hookups, this is as private and liberating as a nudist RV resort you'll find.

This makes Willamettans another quality hiking resort, but it also offers its guests plenty of activities (like theme parties).

Blue Lake Resort

Like many other resorts on this list, Blue Lake Resort encourages visitors to engage with the outdoors in a variety of ways, from horseshoes to shuffleboard. Unlike some alternatives, Blue Lake is not clothing-optional. If you decide to wear pants at this Erie locale, you'll be the only one.

But, as a family-friendly location, Blue Lake is a pretty pleasant getaway. (The State of Illinois drops by to approve the site every year.) It offers 98 acres to explore, with 20 acres of shaded areas for camping and twenty RV hookups. There's even a chlorinated pond with a sandy beach.

Dyer Woods Nudist Campground - Rhode Island

Dyer Woods is one of those clothing-optional nudist RV parks, making it an excellent spot for first-timers. Well, you do have to be nude in the common areas. But along the trails and in the camping area, Dyer Woods allows for various comfort levels.

The big attraction here is the wood-fire sauna, but there's also a big filtered swimming pool and a volleyball court.

The resort sits on 200 acres of a natural preserve near the Connecticut border. The nearest city, Providence, is 45 minutes away. It's a pretty private, comforting environment if you're nervous about this nudist adventure.

The Seven Commandments of Nudist RV Resorts

Each nudist resort has its own rules for guests, but there are a handful of universal guidelines you should always keep in mind. These really don't need much explanation, but please ask the resorts about them if you have any questions.

  1. Show Respect
  2. No PDA
  3. Leave Cameras Behind
  4. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
  5. Do Your Research
  6. Bring a Towel
  7. Follow The Rules

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on 04-21-2021.

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