Now You Can Sleep in Your Very Own Giant Bird's Nest

Want to truly make your home stand out? Then consider adding a giant bird's nest to your decor. 

Looking for the perfect solution for a unique, super comfortable, luxurious bed that your friends will all envy? Well, we may have found it. Now, you can sleep in your very own giant bird's nest. And yes, you're going to get quite a bit of attention while doing it.

The bird nest itself is made of pine wood, but it's filled with gigantic stuffed egg pillows that can be moved into ergonomic sitting positions. Sit, lie, or sprawl in the wooden nest filled with soft egg pillows the way you feel is most comfortable.

This giant bird's nest is available in three different sizes, with the smallest incorporating five cushions and the largest featuring 13 cushions or "egg-poofs." If you're looking for something in particular, custom-designed nests are also available.

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And if you'd like to change it up a little from traditional white eggs? You can do that, too. The "egg-shaped sitting poofs" are available in a wide array of beautiful colors, and you can even order replacement covers for the egg-shaped pillows if needed.

Now the bad news: Well, these giant bird's nests aren't the most affordable beds or lounges on the planet. The smallest nest bed costs about $4,400. And while shipping is available worldwide, these cozy nests are manufactured in Europe, so you'll need to factor that into your budget.


Whether you're a chicken fanatic or just want a fun way to make your home stand out a little bit, these nests are sure to be an entertaining addition that will be the focal piece of every gathering. After all, how many people can say they're going to go take a nap in a nest of eggs?

You can learn more about these fun nests and their "powerful, yet simple concept and intriguing character" here. Maybe the giant birdnests will be the next addition to your office where you can have informal meetings in an inspiring socializing space. It's the perfect place for new ideas!

Would you like to have one of these nests in your home or office? Is this the perfect bed? Tell us in the comments below. 

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