Non-Typical Buck
YouTube: Feathered Arrow Productions

Hunter Bags Freaky Non-Typical Whitetail With Broken Antler Pedicle

This is one of the most unique racks we've ever seen!

One of the cool things about deer is that no two antlers are identical. Each one is unique in their own way. Sure, many may look similar and have many of the same features, but there are subtle differences when you start looking closely. Many bucks have the typical sweeping, balanced antlers with brow tines, G2s, G3s, etc.

Then there are other bucks that you look at and wonder what on earth is happening on the top of the animal's head. That's the case with the buck in today's video. These antlers are the very definition of "non-typical."

Watch as YouTuber Feathered Arrow Productions spots this freaky Texas buck and simply cannot resist dropping the hammer on him. Wait until you get a better look at this buck's wild and strange antlers.

This may not be the biggest buck in the world, but at the same time, we can't blame him for taking him. Talk about a unique deer. We love deer with mass and that heavily palmated left side is extremely cool. We were wondering what was going on with that right antler. As you can see, it's jutting out straight ahead in front of the buck's face.

It turns out this buck has a broken pedicle that caused the antler to lean forward in that direction. We hope he posts a follow-up video showing what's going on under the hide there. We're sure it's an interesting injury. I have a buck in my own collection with a complete drop beam from a broken pedicle and the broken base produced a huge, bony lump on top of the deer's head. We're guessing there's something similar going on here with the buck in the video.

In a way, that alone was a good excuse to take this buck. There's a good chance that wound could have gotten infected later if he did manage to shed that antler and open a gaping head wound. Either way, an extremely cool buck and one that's sure to be a conversation piece as a Euro mount!

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