nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

Nomad Showcases Extensive Camouflage Lineup at ATA

Nomad is quickly becoming one of the hottest hunting apparel brands in the industry.

The hunting apparel market has blown up in the last few years. Rather than settling for budget hunting clothing they could buy at their local hardware store, hunters are spending more on their hunting wardrobes. As a result, we're seeing more and more brands step up their game, producing more expensive, but much nicer gear.

Instead of having a closet full of Cabela's store-brand camouflage, hunters are striking up loyalty with names like Sitka, First Lite, Kuiu, Under Armour and, of course, Nomad.

Nomad isn't new to the scene, as it's even partnered with Drury Outdoors for almost two years now, but Sitka and First Lite have seemingly planted their flags at the top of the hill and have managed to stay there. However, Nomad has a flag of its own, and it's pushing uphill with a purpose.

While Sitka and Under Armour did have booths at the Archery Trade Association Trade Show, neither showcased quite as much as Nomad. Walking through the booth, it felt like they had every piece of hunting gear you'd ever need, featuring an impressive variety apparel, plus a camo pattern for every environment you'd ever hunt in.

The folks working the ATA booth had a handful of systems on display, all of which we wanted to share.

Harvester Jacket and Pants

nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

This is a medium-weight hunting hunting system that protects against the sound of dry limbs and fall leaves, while also providing hunters with unrivaled comfort during a hunt. The pants features a double-layered seat for when you decide to sit directly on the ground, and the jacket uses a DWR exterior and a fleece-lined interior to keep you both warm and dry. Both provide scent suppression, as well as wind resistance.

The Harvester system pictured above dons the Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern, which has become wildly popular over the last year or so.

Cottonwood 1/2 Zip and Bib

nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

The Cottonwood series aims to keep hunters warm throughout their entire hunt, using a heavy, water-resistant berber fleece exterior and a wind-stopping layer underneath. Cottonwood items work great as a single layer during the early-to-mid season, but double as the ideal base layer during the late season.

The bibs are also pretty cool in that they're somewhat of a bib-pant hybrid, featuring adjustable waistband and a removable bib.

Conifer Jacket and Bibs

nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

The Conifer collection is a new hunting system from Nomad, designed fight off the coldest conditions with 100 grams of insulation, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets and an adjustable, three-piece hood.

Both the jacket and the bibs are sound-resistant, wind-resistant and waterproof.

This system serves as an awesome outer shell that provides protection against the elements, as well as scent control.

Scrape Jacket and Bib

nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

Also new to Nomad, the Scrape collection offers hunters the ultimate system for high-wind conditions. If you want to stay warm while hiking through open country, the jacket and bibs pictured above are ideal.

They feature a three-layer, windproof grid fleece exterior, a soft sherpa lining, an offset zipper and a fleece-lined hand warmer pocket. And, they come in the new Veil Cervide camo pattern.

Duo-Down Hoodie Vest and Barrier Pant

nomad hunting gear ATA 2019

The Duo-Down Hoodie Vest is the ultimate layering product, as any vest fits nicely under a heavier coat. Additionally, it sports a hood, which is really convenient if you're layering underneath a jacket without one.

While its effectiveness as an insulation layer is undeniable, it's also great if you're covering a lot of country in pursuit of big game and want some breathability under your arms.

The Barrier Pants feature honeycomb fleece, which will keep your legs warm, but not too warm on those long, mountainous hikes.

These five systems are only a taste of what we saw in Nomad's booth at this year's ATA show. They also offer a wide variety of lightweight apparel, options for women and other products like turkey vests.

To see other new products from Nomad, be sure to check out