Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Nockturnal's Universal Fit Lighted Nocks: Red, Green, and Strobe

Lighted nocks can be a huge advantage in hunting, and Nockturnal's Universal Fit Nocks make it even easier.

If you aren't using them, I strongly encourage you to check your state regulations and see if they're allowed. For obvious reasons, a lighted arrow nock can be a huge benefit for you while in the woods.

Aside from just hunting, you can learn a lot from watching the nock even during practice. You can gain a stronger understanding of the arrow flight, its trajectory, whether or not the arrow is kicking and so on. I've been bowhunting for about a decade now, and I'll never hunt without a lighted nock again. And, after trying every brand on the market, I'll only use nocks made by Nockturnal. The activation/deactivation method is more reliable than any other brand, the light life seems to last longer and they seem to be far more durable upon contact.

Nockturnal has tried to make it easier on the hunter with their new line, called the Universal Fit Nockturnals.

Universal Fit

Often times, finding the right-sized nock for your specific brand of arrows can be a nightmare. People would commonly buy a pack of nocks only to get home and find out they didn't fit. Now, Nockturnal sells a 3-pack of nocks and Universal Fit bushings in 3 different sizes (H,S,GT), so you can install them into any arrow size.

Nockturnal lighted nocks Nockturnal lighted nocks

Simply check the arrow chart on their website and take the guessing game out of the equation. Leaving you with a snug nock every time.


1. Press proper nock bushing into arrow shaft to verify you have the correct bushing size. Bushing should press securely into shaft.

2. Insert Nockturnal Nock into the bushing previously installed into the arrow shaft.

3. Align your nock as needed to your bow setup, and you are ready to shoot.

The pack provides three bushings for each size, so you will always have enough to install all three lighted nocks.

If this doesn't quite make sense to you, I've included this helpful video from Lancaster Archery Supply.

Color Options

The Universal Fit Nocks come in three different color options: red, green and a strobing red/green. The strobing red/green is pretty fascinating and neat, but honestly, it's somewhat hard to see during day. Once the sun sets, these would make it easier to search for an arrow after a shot.

My opinion parallels what seems to be the general consensus, which is that green is by far the best. I'll hunt with nothing other than green because they're substantially more visible when shot. If you decide to buy lighted nocks, save yourself the trouble and just get the green ones. While I really like the other colors, I will probably just use them as target practice arrows throughout the season.

The video above is all three colors being showcased. The green one in the video is from the year before and has been shot countless times, and you can see it still seems brighter than the red and the strobe.

Nockturnal Effect

I can't stress enough how great of a product Nockturnal makes in general. Whether or not you go the Universal Fit route, I really hope you consider giving their nocks a try.

Great products and continued innovation continues to make Nockturnal a front runner for the market leader of lighted nocks.

The Universal Fit is a great addition, and I look forward to seeing how they hold up this season.