Nobody Can Solve This Tricky Horseshoe Equation...Can You?

Put your thinking cap's time for a brain teaser!

A Facebook user posted the following multi-part equation using images of horses, horseshoes, and cowboy boots:

graphic equation

Within hours of posting, thousands of users commented with their answers, but no one could seem to agree on what the right one was.

Facebook comments

Are you ready to take a crack at solving it? Before you dig in, here are a couple tips that might help:

  • *Note the 'x' sign in the final line of the equation. Don't mistake it for a '+' sign.
  • *In the final line of the equation, there's only one boot and one horseshoe. This means you need to halve the values of each based on what you determined they were in previous steps when they appeared in pairs. 
  • *Transport yourself back to high school algebra. Remember BIDMAS? It tells your order of operations (what to do first): brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

Multiply the horse by the horseshoe before you add the cowboy boot!

Got the answer? Great! Tell us what you got in the comments section, and pass this along to your friends to try! 

Images via APost

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