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Flashback to When a Poacher Tried to Fool a Game Warden

One of these days, poachers are going to learn.

A poaching suspect in Oklahoma found out it's not as easy to fool the game wardens as one might think.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens shared a post describing how a poacher tried to pass off a buck he killed with a rifle as an archery harvest. On Dec. 5, 2017, Nowata County Warden David Clay was checking deer at a local processor when one buck caught his eye. He discovered someone had checked the deer as an archery kill.

After further investigation, Clay determined someone had actually killed the buck with a rifle the day after the season ended. But, in attempt to cover his or her tracks, the suspect pushed a broadhead through its body.

An interview later led to the suspected poacher confessing to shooting the buck with a .22 before the trying to cover it up with the broadhead. Officials subsequently issued the poacher citations for the incident confiscated the carcass.

Fortunately, the meat from the deer won't go to waste, as the wardens say they'll donate it to the Hunters for the Hungry program.

It just goes to show the extreme lengths some wildlife thieves will go to in trying to cover up their crimes. Thankfully a trained officer was there to catch this one.