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Nightmare Fuel: You’ll Never Forget to Check the Car Seat After This

Watch and shudder at what these people found in their child's car seat after leaving it outside overnight. (But be warned: you may not sleep tonight)

For whatever reason these folks decided to leave their child's car seat outside for the night, but it's a good thing that they checked it out before strapping it back into the car.

Once you see what the tongs are for, you may not ever want to grill again!

Here's the creepy video:

While triangular heads are common in most venomous snakes, it's still hard to tell exactly what species this reptile is.

The rattlesnake, water moccasin, and copperhead, all have 'arrowhead' faces, and if you can get close enough to look, pit vipers also have pupils that are oblong, or like a slit.

You'll be thinking about these things while you lie awake tonight.