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NFL Running Back Arian Foster Thinks He Can Take a Wolf 1 on 1?

Arian Foster is talking crazy, do you think he's lost his mind?

Humans are intelligent, powerful, and find themselves atop the food chain, mostly because of our intellectual capabilities and resources.

If thrown into battle without our weapons and resources, we aren't nearly as devastating. Wild animals, on the other hand... they are designed for battle.  With that said, NFL running back, Arian Foster thinks he could take on a wolf one on one and come out victorious. And with all due respect, I think he's crazy.

The animal kingdom has creatures that are built for the wild with pure and incredible strength, survival instincts, and teeth and claws that are specifically designed to rip, tear, and inflict damage. And a wolf is one bad dude.

With all that said, here are Foster's thoughts:

Sure, Arian is a physical specimen of a human being who was very good at his craft. Above average strength, above average speed, insane amounts of athleticism, but that would not matter in a fight with a wolf in my opinion.

From the debate on social media, it seems that many agree with him, though. If we are being honest, with Foster's injury history, he would pull a hammy or a groin before contact even took place, so we know this is all hypothetical.

While we see his points, and somewhat understand his logic, we still think he is crazy.

A wolf can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, and has a bite force of over 420 lbs. They have to attack and fight to survive, and as we said earlier they are specifically built to tear and shred flesh.

I don't care if you are 6'1" and 230 lbs with thumbs Arian, you are SOL, as they say.

I guess the only way to really settle this though would be to place the two in a cage and let the battle begin. I am sure many would pay to watch.

Someone would be dunzo....

Let's hear your thoughts and arguments.

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