Lake Erie smallmouth
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NFL DB Jordan Poyer Makes Catching Lake Erie Smallmouth Look Easy

Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer approaches Lake Erie smallmouth bass the same way he approaches NFL QBs.

Jordan Poyer was originally drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, played a short stint with the Cleveland Browns, and is now one of the anchors of arguably one of the NFL's top defenses in Buffalo.

Having found a niche in western New York, Poyer is now a relaxed version of his former self and has found a new specialty: catching Lake Erie smallmouth bass. In what guide Jim Hanley calls "the best freshwater lake in the world," the pair travels to a wide variety of hot spots and pulls out some of Erie's famed bronzbacks.

With so much to think about the week before a game, a little relaxation on the water is good for the mind and the soul. Here's how an NFL-caliber defensive back gets his groove on before Sunday.

Watch the video below:

"The 50-mile radius around Buffalo, NY is the best freshwater fishing anywhere in the world," Hanley said.

With stunning catches of smallmouth bass up to the 6- and 7-pound level and walleyes the size of your arm, Lake Erie proves its worth over and over again.

As fishermen, we've all been a part of a relaxing afternoon on the water that takes every bit of stress and pressure off our backs. While being a starting NFL safety has its unique challenges, all of us can relate to losing ourselves behind a rod and reel for a day!

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