Rich vs. Poor: Netflix "Fastest Car" Pits Regular Joes Against The Super Rich

Netflix Fastest Car looks to upset the car TV show market with an every day approach.

A few years ago Netflix stirred the pot by debuting a show about a slimy Southern politician played by a slimy...well, we won't go there. Since then it's produced countless shows, movies, and even won major film awards. Now, it's crashing into the car TV show market with its new show, Fastest Car.

But for those who are maybe a little bit over the traditional car show, like, say, Top Gear or The Grand Tour, featuring a handful of "funny" guys, Netflix Fastest Car is a bit different.

Facebook: Netflix Fastest Cars

Premiering April 6, Netflix Fastest Car will feature eight hour-long episode and pit three average Joes and their project cars against suped-up sports cars driven by rich fellas. Essentially, it's a chance for the underdog to take over or a chance for those banana yellow sports cars you envy to put their money where their mouth is.

Kick The Tires

In the trailer for Netflix Fastest Car below you can see plenty of sexy cars and jalopies drag racing alongside each other, burning rubber, and cutting through dusty trails. Throw in sweeping views and desert landscapes, and it's like you're watching another version of Mad Max: Fury Road. Which is pretty badass.

Make sure to spot such cars as the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme, Ferrari 488 GTB, McLaren MP4, and three Lambos.

The project cars in the series are also looking to burn some rubber and turn some heads. Netflix has hinted that a 1,000 horsepower Bisimoto Honda Odyssey will appear as well as a hand-controlled 1927 Dodge and a 1971 Ford Pinto.

Check out the trailer below:

Working on a project car? Which sports car would you like to face up against? Let us know on Facebook!

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