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This Family’s New Puppy Visits a Special Spot in Their Yard Every Morning

Last August, Michelle Buckley and her family said goodbye to their beloved dog, Burleigh, after two tail-wagging decades together.

"For the past nearly 17 years Burleigh has been my furry shadow, my companion and my best friend," Buckley wrote on Facebook when he passed. "Burleigh, we love you so much. Thank you for all the love you gave us." This furry shadow is still cast over the Buckleys' home and hearts, but their pup's spirit lives on in the family's backyard, where his grave is nestled in a quaint, grassy corner marked by a lifelike white statue.

Despite the devastating loss of their four-legged family member, the Buckleys had more love to spare. Ten months after Burleigh's passing, they welcomed a new puppy to the clan: Dougie.


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Although Burleigh and Dougie never met, the Buckleys discovered a remarkable connection between the two dogs.

Each morning, when Dougie roams the yard, he settles in the same special spot—which happens to be next to Burleigh's grave. "We have such a huge yard for Dougie to explore, yet every morning for about an hour he sits calmly here, right where Burleigh is buried," Buckley explained.


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In a video showing off Dougie's routine, which has amassed more than 800,000 views on TikTok, the cocker spaniel sits beside his late brother's statue, giving the impression that the two dogs are really together. The Buckley family is incredibly moved by Dougie's spot of choice and they can't help but speculate about what draws him there each day. "It seems like he knows," Buckley says.

Dogs are mysterious creatures and their behavior can be inexplicable to humans, but if there's one thing we can understand, it's their immense capacity for love. Burleigh and Dougie's unique bond is proof of just that. We truly don't deserve dogs!

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