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New Ohio Law Loosens Several Gun Restrictions for Residents

New law loosens some gun restrictions in the Buckeye state.

Ohio residents will see a major loosening of firearms protocol under a new law that went into effect this week.

Concealed carry permit holders will also see an expansion of areas they can carry, according to Permit holders will now be allowed to carry in daycare centers and non-secure areas of airports.

They will also be able to store a firearm in a vehicle in school zones. But probably the biggest change in the new law is that it allows employees to keep a gun in their car in a company parking lot.

There are exceptions. Federal buildings are still exempt from the law and an employer can still bar firearms inside their buildings. For the Buckeye Firearms Association, it's a win for employees.

"An employee's gun is their private property and their vehicle is their private property, and there's nothing that allows the employer to dictate what's inside that employee's private property," the Association's President Jim Irvine told

The law also makes it easier for active military members to carry concealed. Members of the military with documentation of firearms training and a military identification will not be required to do the courses or fill out the registration required for a CPL.

Even though there was some discussion about campus carry in the wake of a knife attack at Ohio State University, colleges and universities do remain off-limits for concealed carry.

This month has been a busy one nation-wide for concealed carry news. New Hampshire eliminated the need for permits earlier this month. A similar law was rejected by South Dakota's governor.