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Campus Carry May Become Legal in Ohio after OSU Knife Attack

campus carry
Facebook, Buckeyes for Concealed Carry

Bill could allow Ohio universities to make their own policies on concealed carry.

Right in the wake of a stabbing attack at Ohio State University, debate over a proposed law has lawmakers, students and university staff divided.

House Bill 48 would allow handguns to be left in vehicles in previously designated gun-free zones like daycares, police stations and yes, college and university campuses. Hear some people make arguments for and against the proposed bill in the video below.

The timing of the proposed bill seems fortunate for concealed carry advocates as authorities are still trying to sort out the details of the Ohio State University knife attack that left 11 injured. The suspect in the attack was shot dead by a police officer.

Some opponents of the bill are arguing guns have no place on college campuses and daycares. Concealed carry advocates like the Ohio State University student group Buckeyes for Concealed Carry, have been especially busy the past few days showing their support for the bill.

The student group actively particpated in empty holster protests advocating concealed carry on college campuses earlier this year.

Right now, Republicans are expecting HB 48 to be voted in as part of a lame duck session next week. It’s likely we haven’t heard the last of this issue in Ohio.

Similarly, states like Texas, Georgia and Kansas have had similar arguments over their passing of laws allowing concealed carry this year.


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Campus Carry May Become Legal in Ohio after OSU Knife Attack