New Hot Wheels Models Resemble Star Wars Favorites

Get your hands on these sweet Star Wars Hot Wheels vehicles.

With the May 25 release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hot Wheels will release three special-edition cars, designed to resemble characters from the popular film franchise to commemorate the blockbuster event.

Each model integrates distinct traits of the characters with dominant styling cues pulled from real-life vintage cars.

Lando Calrissian is known for sporting a cape, and the chop-top muscle car bearing his likeness wears one as well. Chewbacca's signature hairstyle and utility vest are also honored with a truck sporting rugged tires and inlaid side panels.

Rounding out the trio is the Han Solo speedster, a highly aerodynamic single-seater car armed with a massive engine. It also features wide fenders and low-profile tires, emblematic of Solo's speed and agility in the Star Wars films.

These limited-edition Hot Wheels models are now available for purchase.

H/T Gizmodo