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New Hampshire Teen Heroically Springs Into Action To Stop Runaway Boat

After a sailing instructor was launched from his boat, a courageous New Hampshire teen became a hero, with the help of a jet ski.

According to the NY Post, Brady Pocon was enjoying some leisure time on his porch on Wednesday afternoon. The 17-year-old first heard news of a rogue boat in Smith's Cove on Lake Winnipesaukee from his father. The teen was quick to act, in an effort to reduce the risk of any damage to nearby property or people.

With the help of several neighbors, Pocon first cleared the nearby boaters of the area. Pocon then hopped onto his neighbor's jet ski. Justin King, the jet skis owner, drove the vehicle toward the unmanned boat, which was circling around the cove. As King maneuvered the boat closer to the vessel, Pocon prepared to jump.

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Pocon made it into the boat without any further complications, and was able to throttle the motor down, putting an end to the incident.

Teen Boy Leaps into Instructor's Unoccupied Boat

The incident started when a sailboat instructor was tossed from his boat. The instructor had bent down, in search of a tennis ball to teach the students a lesson in steering, when one of his students' boats tipped over, and into his own vessel. The student's sailboat's mast hit the instructors throttle, causing his boat to unexpectedly lurch forward, and tossing him from the vessel.

The vessel, once unmanned, spiraled wildly throughout the cove. Luckily, Pocon was nearby and made the heroic decision to leap from a jet ski and into the uncontrolled boat.

Interestingly, the teen was less impressed by his actions than were those around him. Pocon insisted that his actions were far from heroic. He believed he acted as any person would in his situation. Locals across the area disagreed with his assessment, calling Pocon a real hero. But his humility was appreciated by all.

The teen is set to to be shipped out to Navy boot camp soon. He did not believe his actions were all that brave. Although he did acknowledge such a characteristic would be required to serve in any military branch.